Our Philosophy

The goal of every landscape plan that I create is to shape the landscape to suit the unique wishes and needs of my client. A person’s outdoor property should be an extension of the home’s interior—a beautiful and useful space for retreat, comfort, function, enter­tainment and pleasure. I try to insure that the gardens and yard reflect the personality of the client and complement the style of the home.

My landscape design plans and garden plans include the broadest palette of plant materials and ornamentation possible, but with an eye toward the good stewardship of our planet. I avoid invasive plants and try to use plant materials that do not require the use of harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Native plants and their cultivars are always my first consideration in a garden design; I find that they harmonize well with the surrounding landscapes and often require little maintenance.

Unlike the sculptor whose work is complete when the last stone is chipped away, a well-designed landscape grows, matures and changes with each season and each year. It is my goal to shape a space that grows and evolves with through the seasons and matures into a fluid, living, thriving work of art.