How We Work

The way we work can be summed up with one word: Flexibility. The creation of a new landscape for your home should suit YOU. At Verdesign, we evaluate your particular needs during our first meeting, which is usually at no charge. Each project is different and every client has specific needs. Our intention is to give you the best possible landscape in a manner that makes you comfortable.

Because the design and installation of a landscape is a significant undertaking. More often than not, an overall landscape design is required. An overall plan is useful in many ways. It allows the homeowner to “see the big picture” regardless of the timeframe that will ultimately be followed. A plan helps to avoid short-sighted and costly mistakes. Homeowners frequently make the mistake of planting the front yard and placing trees and shrubs in such a way that access to future work in the back yard is prohibited. The movement of the sun is another significant pitfall. The full shade thrown by a house or structure will kill many plants. Plant selection and environment are critical considerations best evaluated while studying a survey or site plan.

With an overall plan, the client can break the project into phases to suit any budget or timeframe. An overall landscape design takes traffic flow, light, soil condition and competition from other plants into account and allows for changes to be made inexpensively—on paper—before the contractors arrive. An overall landscape design is a blueprint for your property. You wouldn’t consider building a house without one!

After an initial meeting, Ms. Pirozzoli will draw up a proposal outlining the scope of the project. This will allow both client and designer to review the project as discussed and budget against the requirements outlined. If the proposal is accepted, Ms. Pirozzoli will photograph and measure the property, working with a survey provided by the client. She will then prepare a “concept plan” for presentation.

This concept plan will show how the landscape design will facilitate all of the requirements set forth in the proposal in an artful and functional way. This is a collaborative meeting with the client, and changes and modifications can be made to the landscape design plan at this juncture. When both client and designer agree upon the concept plan, Ms. Pirozzoli will proceed to a final plan. The final garden plan or landscape plan with be drawn to scale and will have details on each plant recommended, measurements and other specifications necessary to installation. A booklet showing most of the plants recommended will also be included. Ms. Pirozzoli will then present the final plan to the client and provide copies of the plan for estimating and construction if desired. Verdesign LLC offers plant purchase and planting services, light carpentry and masonry work as well as general supervision of the garden design plan installation.

Ms. Pirozzoli is available for hourly consultation if this method of interaction best suits the client. Some clients are interested in preparing their home for sale. A recent article in Money magazine said that a homeowner could expect a 100% to 200% return on investment from a new landscape. In these situations, consultation on an hourly basis is often sufficient. Sometimes small planting beds, perennial beds or places where large trees have been removed can be addressed best with a consultation.